Atelier School of Classical Realism

The Atelier School of Classical Realism

Realism in art is only as effective as it is convincing. Atelier students are challenged with learning a new language, a visual language. They learn to genuinely and comfortably "speak" this visual language, using technical knowledge to serve as its grammar and vocabulary.

Founder of the school, award winning David Hardy, feels strongly that students must build a solid technical foundation from which to work. In other words, become master of one's art rather than of a slave to the happy accident. Students find the rigorous, traditional approach offered at the Atelier a bridge to now little-known techniques and principles inherited from the golden days of realism. Once learned, these methods help to effectively establish a beachhead in today's challenging art world.

Highly personalized guidance, made possible with small classes, encourages individual growth. Advanced students learn to fine-tune drawing and painting skills, thus maximizing accomplishment. Advanced students, including both emerging and established art professionals, are offered career counseling and business procedures. Museum field trips are correlated with Atelier studies.

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