Atelier School of Classical Realism

The Old Master Drawing & Painting Technical Foundation Class

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM or 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Realism in art is only as effective as it is convincing. Atelier students are challenged with learning a new language, a visual language. They learn to genuinely and comfortably "speak" this visual language, using technical knowledge to serve as its grammar and vocabulary.

Founder of the school, award winning David Hardy, feels strongly that students must build a solid technical foundation from which to work. In other words, become master of one's art rather than of a vassal to a happy accident. Students find the rigorous, traditional approach offered at the Atelier a bridge to now little-known techniques and principles inherited from the golden days of realism. Once learned, these methods help to effectively establish a beachhead in today's challenging art world.

This is an ongoing course and begins with drawing exercises to develop the understanding and skills necessary to use value (tone) for realistic rendering. Visual memory comparison measurements are used.

Students explore Old Master techniques for creating depth, distance, atmosphere, solid form, and convincing surface textures on a two-dimensional surface. Subjects range through cast studies, self portraits and still lifes.

Painting is begun once students have mastered the drawing segment of the course or its equivalent (subject to approval). The study of COLOR TEMPERATURE at the ASCR is one of the most thorough and helpful being taught today. The dynamics of color as affected by pictorial lighting come alive for the student artist. Advanced students learn the direct approaches to PLEIN AIR oil painting followed by coaching in Old Master layered glazing techniques.

Admission is by portfolio review.

To register, contact David Hardy by email (preferred) at
or phone at (510) 407-1336 

Long Pose Figure Drawing Workshop

$25.00 per session if paid in advance monthly
($100 for 4-week months / $125 for 5-week months)
$30.00 per session "drop in"
Monday 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

This is a time for independent study and development of individual initiative. The model takes one pose for the session. These are repeated for about two months and, when desired by a majority of those participating, even longer. This permits students to study the anatomy of the model in detail. A marvelous opportunity is also presented to gain experience in the final finishing of a figure drawing or figure painting. There is no instruction during the workshops, but critiques are available during regular class hours.

Drop-in is welcome.